The main competitors of INSUL-ECO panels in the market are:

- mineral wools (rock and glass)
- expanded polystyrene (EPS)
- extruded polystyrene (XPS).

In the last years, the market for thermal and acoustic insulating panels has shown a stable growing trend basically due to the implementation of European and national legislations on energy efficiency in buildings.
The project consortium is not aware of any insulating panel coming from recycling with characteristics similar to the INSUL-ECO ones (i.e. recycled and recyclable, acoustic and thermal insulation, self-supporting, high density, among others).
The potential market of INSUL-ECO panels consists of both new construction and renovation of buildings. Among all the energy savings methods, the use of insulation materials is still the most common solution in the sector.
Regarding the European market for insulating products, it is huge and the quantities of other insulating materials distributed on the market are very big. The estimated European market value was EUR 7,500 million in 2013, and 2/3 of the annual insulation volumes are used in the residential building segment.
Indeed, it is estimated that the volume of rock wool sold in Europe is about 2,451 million kg, which leads to a market size in Euros of approximately 2,237 M€/year (European Commission).
According to the insulation industry, the European insulation market is expected to continue outperforming in the general construction market due to the more stringent building codes in terms of energy efficiency and fire safety.

European insulation market in 2013