The objectives of the project are:

– Design and establishment of an industrial scale production line in Reggio Emilia at Isol-Eco premises. The current Isol-Eco Plant has been improved and automated in order to be able to produce 1.500m2/day of insulating panels.
– Optimisation of the product geometry. The panel is now suitable also for other applications, such as roofing and ventilated facade.
– Elaboration of a Marketing Plan as well as a Business Plan for the commercial deployment of the eco-innovative insulating panels in different European countries.
– Improvement of the environmental performance and better use of natural resources. The project addressed the goal of sustainable development through the reduction of impact on environment and a better use of natural resources. In this context, the reduction of 12.400 ton/year of CO2-eq emissions and of approximately 30.518kwh/year (Italian grid mix) in the energy consumption is ensured by the project contribution.


Identify a sound and sustainable outlet for textile residues of tyre recycling sector

State of the Art

The Insulating panel of insuleco project is at the moment the only way to recycle the tyre textile fibres and valorise them as raw materials.

Develop a valuable product for noise and thermal insulation for building sector

The insulating panel is an excellent product for noise insulation and for thermal insulation in warm countries. Its performance are remarkable. In cold countries we recommend to match it with other product for mutual improvement.

Increase of the production capacity from the current 75 m2/day of panels to the foreseen 1.500 m2/day.

The line is fully automated and has a very productivity. The capacity of 1.500 has been demonstrated.

Penetration in the European market.

The product is well known in Italy where is sold regularly. In Spain some positive demonstrations works have been carried out and contacts have been set up in UK and France to create a network of distributors.

Achievement of a replication model

The process and the product are ready to be replicated.