The Panels

High density thermal-acoustic insulation panel, made from 100% recycled textile fibres from tyres. We have created a fully recyclable material. It offers many application areas, to date not yet known to the principal acoustic products available on the market. INSUL-ECO panels can be used in construction and industry thanks to its specific characteristics: high power insulation and sound absorption, thermal insulation, especially in summer heat, good mechanical resistance to compression and high transpiration.


  • In the wall (external or internal)
  • In light coverings, receives the welded bituminous sheaths
  • Double brick wall
  • In double sheet metal, drywall or wood
  • Under any type of flooring (civil, industrial, etc.)
  • Under the wall to eliminate thermal and acoustic bridging
  • On timber roofing: it is very breathable and tolerates humidity
  • In hoods of engines or noisy machinery.


Technical Details
Panel Size 60cm x 40cm x 3cm
Panel Weight 3.50Kg
Density ρ 490Kg/m3
Sound absorption UNI EN 11654:1998 αw 0.60
Sound absorption at 500 Hz UNI EN ISO 354:2003 α 0.70
Dynamic stiffness UNI EN 29052-1:1993 s’t 50 MN/m3
Specific heat Cp 1650 J/kg K
Compressive strength UNI EN 1926:2007 Rc 0.46N/mm2
Resistance factor to water vapor diffusion m 5.50
Resistance to water vapor diffusion Sd 0.16
Thermal conductivity λ 0.063 W/m2K
Thermal capacity C 217 Wh/m3
Flexural strength UNI EN 12372:2007 Rtf 1.1N/mm2