Who we are

ETRA (France) – Coordinator – is an independent, member-driven European Association with 250 members in 43 countries, with the mission of developing tyre recycling as a commercially viable and environmentally sustainable European industry. ETRA has a track record on managing European research projects and its presence within the consortium will allow providing the most updated data regarding the tyre lifecycle, the end-of-life product availability and the procedures nowadays followed for the waste tyre recovery or reuse. Finally, being distributed on European level, ETRA will allow the capillary dissemination and replication of the obtained results and provide a realistic impact on the commercial outcomes of the proposal. ETRA is also the main link between Isol-Eco and ADRIA/ COMSA.

ISOL-ECO (Italy) is a recently created SME specialised in new eco-innovative building products for civil, industrial, public infrastructure or urban purposes. In particular, the company develops products and forms of application suitable to obtain considerable advantages through energy savings as well as soundproofing. The company is specialised in the use of environmentally friendly materials and or recycled ones. Its presence within the project is particularly relevant as after years of research they have developed and tested the insulating panels made with recycled textile fibres.

ADRIA (Italy) is a SME dedicated to the material reuse of end-of-life tyres. Its business consists on the integral management of end-of-life tyres, separating their components and recycling the rubber and textiles fibres to be reused. Its presence within the consortium is important as the company ensures the recycled textile fibres in order to produce the panels.

COMSA (Spain) is one of the main important Spanish Construction companies. In Building Construction, COMSA has an outstanding track record in the construction of unique and architecturally complex buildings. COMSA delivers comprehensive solutions that include a key role for its commitment to sustainability, natural resources, the urban landscape and its environment. COMSA counts with wide experience in different European construction markets and it will be in charge of the market analysis and business plan for the launch and penetration of the product in the European markets.